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“Our Cows, Our Milk, Our Cheese” 
Premium Artisan Farmstead Specialty Cheese from Nevada​

Welcome to the purity of Tahoe Cheese. In the tradition of ancient European cheesemakers, Tahoe Cheese is made from pure whole raw milk which flows directly from the morning milking into the cheese vat each day. It is absolutely fresh and never chilled, stored, transported or heat treated in any way.  Naturally free from GMOs, Gluten, Antibiotics, rBST Hormones and Artificial Colors or Preservatives, all of the healthy probiotics, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes which produce the full range of flavor and aroma in a cheese are present, alive and flourishing. Our only added ingredients are French Cultures, Sea Salt, and Vegetarian Rennet.

Handcrafted and aged to perfection using America’s purest milk, the 5 lb wheels of natural rind cheese that result are exceptionally delicious. Tahoe Cheese’s proprietary cheesemaking techniques and recipes were developed and refined by renowned Master Cheesemaker Peter Dixon of Vermont. NSF International’s Marc Bates of Washington State University Creamery “Cougar Gold” fame, custom designed the state-of-the-art HACCP food safety program especially for product safety and traceability.  This enables the high volume hand production of the finest specialty cheese available globally for the grocery and food service industries.