A Tahoe Cheese original and American first, Bleu Peppercorn is a unique artisan crafting of Alpine Bleu with organic roasted cracked peppercorn. The flavor is complex, vibrant and a favorite of all who seek the spiciness of pepper in the preparation of entrees or to balance out a delicious cheese pairing plate.


Sierra Gold is a cayenne and paprika infused mild cheddar. The final creation of a now retired Master Cheese Maker, it is slightly spicy and creamy with a beautiful smooth texture. It makes for a wonderful addition to any artisan cheese plate.


With its mild, nutty taste and creamy texture, our signature blue veined cheese superbly balances the complexities inherent within raw milk cheese. The unique natural edible rind is a fusion of the penicillium candidum white surface mold of Brie and Roquefort Bleu. The resulting flavor is unique to American artisan cheese with a paste that is creamy yet firm.




This creamy cheddar has a smooth texture with the subtle spicy “bite” of real chipotle peppers. Easy to melt for use on pizzas, burgers, salads and mac & cheese. Can be used anywhere cheddar is used in recipes.

Created with a beautiful basket weave pattern rind, this wonderful cheese has the flavor profile of an authentic aged Italian cheese. Easily shredded or grated, chefs use this cheese in place of Parmesan, Romano and Pecorino with great success. Robust with a long finish, the texture is slightly dry, firm, slices easily, and has no waste because the rind is edible and all natural.

This medium sharp white Cheddar is a Western original. With its semi-firm creamy texture and buttery taste, this delightful cheddar pairs well with apples and pears. It’s great on sandwiches and burgers as well.